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  1. Megamount 603 racing

    Megamount 603 racing

    € 5.867,29
    The megamount 603 Racing is an extra-heavy duty, super-automatic tyre changer designed for high volume tyre shops, alloy wheel specialists, prestigious-marque main dealers and the like. The 603 has been conceived with a massive emphasis on strength, reliability and durability, and the industrial quality chassis and over-engineered approach to key components make this the toughest machine in its class. With WDK Approval for Run Flat by all the leading Tyre & Vehicle manufacturers, 10” to 26” clamping, 15” rim width capability, and the famous ‘Power Out’ bead breaker, the megamount 603 Racing represents an excellent investment for the serious professional. Meer Informatie

  2. Megamount 703 XL racing

    Megamount 703 XL racing

    € 8.347,79
    Arguably the most heavy duty and functional tyre changer on the market, the 703XL Racing is in a class of its own – there is simply not another tyre changer on the market to match it for strength, durability, performance, or ease of use! Designed to handle the toughest low profile/alloy rim combinations and the highest volumes without any stress to the operator or the machine, it incorporates a patented quick release system enabling the demount heads to be changed over from standard steel head to plastic or ‘raised spoke’ heads, and utilises the ORIGINAL and still the BEST twin assist arm system ‘megafit Pro Duo’. In addition, the unique QuadraClamp turntable boasts 4 clamping cylinders offering 10” to 26” capability without the need for awkward adjustments or extensions, increased clamping power, and an incredible but genuine reliability statistic of zero failures since its introduction in 2006. The 703XL and its predecessors have become the preferred choice for those where, quite simply, only the best will do. Meer Informatie

  3. E-plus ECO3000 schaarhefbrug opbouw wielvrij

    E-plus ECO3000 schaarhefbrug opbouw wielvrij

    Normale prijs: € 2.499,00

    Aanbieding: € 1.899,00

    E-plus ECO-3000 schaarhefbrug. - Wielvrij - Zeer laag Meer Informatie

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