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  1. Megaspin 200-2

    Megaspin 200-2S

    € 3.628,79
    The megaspin 200-2 is just a great idea! A compact unit loaded with features normally only associated with ‘top end’ machines. The megaspin 200 is a motorised wheel balancer utilising low speed technology to eliminate the need for a wheel guard, making it an excellent solution for workshops where space is at a premium. Boasting features such as semi-auto data input (via the unique ‘easy auto select’ feature), ‘split’ weight facility, and weight placement arm for accurately locating adhesive weights, the megaspin 200 is capable in any environment regardless of volume or application. This unit can also be used in mobile fitting vans using a 1500w inverter. Meer Informatie

  2. Megamount 503 racing

    Megamount 503 racing

    € 4.536,29
    The megamount 503 Racing builds on the heavy duty structure and premium specification of the megamount 303, yet offers the increased versatility, rigidity and speed of operation offered by the additional pneumatics of a fully automatic machine. With a heavy duty structure and versatile clamping capability of 10” to 24” (22” external), the megamount 503 Racing offers an incredible price / performance ratio, and this brand new 2014 model boasts an increased column height and bead breaker opening to enable it to handle rims up to 15” wide. The inclusion of our famous ‘megafit 2’ robotic assist arm ensures full capability with ultra-low profile and run-flat tyres. Meer Informatie

  3. Megamount 503

    Megamount 503

    € 3.509,00
    Megamount 503 Meer Informatie

  4. E-plus ECO3000 schaarhefbrug opbouw wielvrij

    E-plus ECO3000 schaarhefbrug opbouw wielvrij

    Normale prijs: € 2.499,00

    Aanbieding: € 1.899,00

    E-plus ECO-3000 schaarhefbrug. - Wielvrij - Zeer laag Meer Informatie

4 Artikel(en)

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