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  1. Megaspin 200-2

    Megaspin 200-2S

    € 3.628,79
    The megaspin 200-2 is just a great idea! A compact unit loaded with features normally only associated with ‘top end’ machines. The megaspin 200 is a motorised wheel balancer utilising low speed technology to eliminate the need for a wheel guard, making it an excellent solution for workshops where space is at a premium. Boasting features such as semi-auto data input (via the unique ‘easy auto select’ feature), ‘split’ weight facility, and weight placement arm for accurately locating adhesive weights, the megaspin 200 is capable in any environment regardless of volume or application. This unit can also be used in mobile fitting vans using a 1500w inverter. Meer Informatie

  2. Megaspin 420

    Megaspin 420

    € 5.201,79
    The megaspin 420 is the without doubt the most advanced wheel balancer ever produced. The combination of revolutionary new technology, incredible simplicity, and typical Hofmann Megaplan reliability make this, in our opinion, the best value wheel balancer on the market today. Laser balancingBoasting our brand new ‘No Checkspin’ technology and 6 O’clock weight positioning, the megaspin 420 only requires the operator to select the weight position(s) and lower the hood – it’s that simple! Two laser points guide the operator to the chosen weight position, and the rim locks into position at each inner and outer 6 O’clock placement position. The is no possibility for error, no chance of the machine throwing up an extra 5 or 10gms, and absolutely NO CHECKSPIN REQUIRED! Other features include an automatic LED that lights up whenever a weight position is being chosen, and a new design which sees the balancing shaft brought forward and the chassis narrowed to allow unimpeded access when selecting positions or applying weights. Meer Informatie

  3. Megaspin 820

    Megaspin 820

    € 6.774,80
    The megaspin 820 builds on the features of the 420, but provides the additional benefits a colour TFT display. Not only are all the actions of the balancer shown ‘live’ on screen, but user prompts and optional printer facility enhance the operation yet further. Laser Point AccuracyThis model is great for those operators who appreciate the value in ‘marketing appeal’. The impressive display and possibilities this brings with it makes it ideal for tyre shops and garages where customer image is of paramount importance. Also available with 'megaclamp' automatic pneumatic clamping system. Meer Informatie

  4. Wolf truck balancer

    Wolf W2200T balancer voor truck wielen

    € 2.999,00
    Wolf W2200T truck balanceer machine Meer Informatie

  5. Wolf WBL-1 lift voor wielbalancer

    Wolf WBL-1 lift voor balanceerapparatuur

    Normale prijs: € 835,00

    Aanbieding: € 665,00

    Wolf WBL-1 Meer Informatie

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